Twin Paradox: one twin stays on Earth while other travels into space

Twin Paradox

Twin Paradox: one twin stays on Earth while other travels into space

The Twin Paradox is a thought experiment in special relativity where one twin stays on Earth while the other twin travels into space at high speed and returns. Albert Einstein proposed the theory of special relativity.

Imagine you have a twin sibling. One day, a twin decides to travel into outer space while the other twin stays on Earth. When the twins return from space, you might notice something strange.

Despite leaving and returning at the same age, the twin at home now looks younger than the one who traveled into space. This curious situation is known as the Twin Paradox. It is a fascinating concept in the world of physics.

We need to understand two significant ideas. It includes time dilation and Einstein’s theory of relativity to understand the concept of the Paradox Twin.

The theory of Albert Einstein tells us that time is not the same for everyone. It can stretch or shrink depending on how fast you are moving. And what is the strength of gravity around you? This is where time dilation comes in. It is the idea that things move through time more quickly than unmoved things.

Now, back to our twins. When one twin goes into space, the theory of relativity says that time slows down for this twin. However, the same time speeds up for twins who stay on Earth.

Twin Paradox

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In other words, the clock ticks slower for moving twins into space. Even though both twins feel like the same amount of time has passed. When the twin who went on the space journey returned home, he found that less time had passed than the twin who stayed on Earth.

But why does this take place? It is because speed changes how quickly time goes by. Time moves more slowly for people who are moving faster than for people who are standing still.

In short, Twin Paradox is a strange effect of Einstein’s theory of relativity. We learn that time is not always what we think it is and may act for different people based on how fast they are going in various ways.

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