Syrian Woman AI chats with dead mother gives mysterious results

Syrian Woman AI chats with dead mother

Syrian Woman AI chats with dead mother gives mysterious results

A Syrian woman and actress Sirine Malas used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to have chats with her dead mother, which produced some mysterious results.

As technology advances at such a rapid pace, the boundaries of artificial intelligence’s potential are unknown. AI technology has been used to build dangerous deep fakes and can even find any image of you on the internet.

While some of its powers surely bring harm as one Syrian woman used AI chats to help her cope with the loss of her dead mother. Sirine Malas moved to Germany from her native Syria in 2015. Najah, her mother, died of kidney failure in 2018 before meeting Sirine’s new baby.

Sirine told Sky News that the entire situation was horrible because everything happened so quickly. She desperately wanted her mother to meet her baby and have the final reunion.

Hence, she started looking for a solution to her sadness and discovered Project December. It is an AI tool created to mimic the dead. Users fill out a form regarding the deceased individual to utilize the tool. It covers details about them, their connection, and statements from the individual.

An AI chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT2 generated a profile of the dead person based on the information it receives. So, it allowed Sirine to chat with her mother Naja using the chatbot and generated comments that it predicted Najah would give.

Syrian Woman AI chats with dead mother

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It responded in a way telling Sirine she was ready to depart. And that was the breeze that Sirine wanted. Moreover, Sirine described the results as “spooky”. She told the chatbot addressed her by the pet name Najah used to call her, which she entered into the input form.

Sirine also said there were moments that she felt were very real. There were also moments where she thought anyone could have answered that this way. She remarked she is a bit of a spiritual person. She felt that this was a vehicle.

However, Project December costs 10$ (roughly £7.80) and customers can communicate with the chatbot for an hour.

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