Space Tourism Company offers cosmic meals for the first time

Space Tourism Company offers cosmic meals

Space Tourism Company offers cosmic meals for the first time

A luxury space tourism company offers to provide cosmic meals in space at extremely high rates for the first time in history. The space tourism company SpaceVIP offers tourists the unique experience of cosmic meals.

SpaceVIP is one of the first luxury space-tourism companies to offer such a rare opportunity of dining in space to tourists. It has announced it will provide top Michelin-starred Danish chef Rasmus Munk’s meals in space at extravagant rates.

In the mission, six astronauts will be making history by enjoying the meal of a lifetime above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere. It will be a six-hour journey while the ticket fee for this mission is $495,000.

However, all earnings from this mission will benefit the Space Prize Foundation, which promotes gender equality in science and technology.

Roman Chiporukha is the founder of SpaceVIP. Roman stated this is the first series of journeys planned in collaboration with leading artists. Its purpose is to use the power of space flight to raise human consciousness and promote universal space literacy.

Chef Rasmus will serve dinner to the six astronauts aboard Space Perspective Spaceship Neptune, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceship. However, this special space trip will launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida in late 2025.

Space Tourism Company offers cosmic meals

Do you know Pashto is the fourth spoken language in space?

Jane Poynter is co-founder and CEO of Space Perspective. Jane said Space Perspective is making the experience of space more accessible than ever before. According to Jane, they are enabling what can be this completely life-changing moment for people with their unique spaceflights.

Furthermore, Jane said the Space Perspective mission is a significant shift in humans’ viewpoint of the world and their place within it.

Even after traveling 100,000 feet above sea level, the WiFi facility will also be available to passengers on space flight. Hence, it will allow them to broadcast their experience in space and even contact with family and friends on Earth.

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