SiliconCore launched first 1.2mm LED to achieve 240Hz frame rate

SiliconCore launched first 1.2mm LED

SiliconCore launched first 1.2mm LED to achieve 240Hz frame rate

US company SiliconCore has launched a new 1.2mm LED display for their extended reality (XR) LED range. This display is special because it can show images at a fast rate of 240 times per second.

Extended reality (XR) is a term that refers to technologies that combine the virtual world with the real world to create captivating images.

The 1.2mm LED display is a square measuring 500mm on each side and is very bright at 1400 nits. SiliconCore designed it for creating lifelike high-quality virtual backgrounds, TV shows, and live broadcasts.

The good thing about this display is that it is durable. You can use it on the studio floor and the walls without needing an extra screen or overlay to enhance its performance or resolution. It performs especially well for showing slow motion or different camera angles in virtual reality.

The first 1.2mm launched LED by SiliconCore also utilizes the Common Cathode driver chip’s frame rates of 240Hz and refresh rates of 7680Hz. It makes a 1.2mm LED display perfect for slow motion and multi-camera views in extended reality (XR) settings.

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Silicon has also used ZACH technology in this LED. It produces a high dynamic range with low grayscale performance in the display. It works well in scenes that need both bright and dark images simultaneously. The display has good contrast and can be viewed from wide angles of 160°. Moreover, it lasts for a long time over 100,000 hours.

Eric Li, the CEO of SiliconCore, said this new display is a big deal. It can help make TV shows, virtual reality, and simulations look even better by allowing more detail in smaller spaces and more camera angles. Simulations refer to virtual or computer-generated recreations of real-world scenarios.

SiliconCore has also co-joined another company called Megapixel to enhance LED performance. Another SiliconCore’s slightly larger 1.9mm LED display can work with Megapixel’s special software for better image quality. This software makes bright and dark parts of the image look great together.

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