Scientists plan to cool Earth by blocking rays from the Sun

Scientists plan to cool Earth

Scientists plan to cool Earth by blocking rays from the Sun

Scientists are making a plan to keep our planet Earth cool from overheating by blocking rays from the Sun reaching Earth. They are ready to test this idea.

This idea has been around for decades. There is a concept that Sun rays may be blocked from reaching Erath by the use of a parasol. Scientists have suggested that they don’t need to completely block the Sun with parasol to slow global warming.

Instead, scientists say they only plan to block 1% to 2% of Sun rays reaching Earth to keep it cool. Scientists from Harvard and the University of Utah looked into putting dust between the Sun and the Earth at a “Lagrange point” to stop climate change last year.

However, another team recently proposed utilizing a real umbrella structure connected to an asteroid. It will make a sunshade to prevent climate change. However, a sunshade would only be part of the solution because the Earth’s atmosphere would continue to trap heat in greenhouse emissions.

Many people disagree with this idea. Critics warned that a sunshade would be prohibitively expensive and impossible considering the alarming rise in global warming.

According to The New York Times, a group led by Yoram Rozen is ready to make this working model. Yoram is a physics professor at the Asher Space Research Institute and the head of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

However, they are facing a problem. The shield of the working model needs to cover an area of about a million square miles. It is about the size of Argentina.

Scientists plan to cool Earth

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That structure is too big to send into space on a single rocket. Instead, Yora and his team suggest sending a bunch of smaller structures into space so they can work together.

On the other hand, the supporters of this concept say they should do everything they can to find ways to stop climate change. Critics want Yoram and his team to build a working model between $10 million and $250 million.

However, Yoram told The New York Times that they are not saying they save the world. But they are going to show that it can be done.

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