Russian Sleep Experiment shows horror effects without sleep

Russian Sleep Experiment

Russian Sleep Experiment shows horror effects without sleep

The Russian Sleep Experiment of 1940 is still a strange and upsetting part of the history of psychology and science. The story took place in the Soviet Union during the reign of Joseph Stalin.

Authorities selected four political prisoners for a secret experiment. Scientists wanted to see how long people could go without sleep. However, the prisoner names are still kept in secrecy.

The authorities placed the prisoners in a sealed room with one-way open space. They provided prisoners with sufficient supplies, including gas to make them awake. Prisoners had to remain for 30 days in a cell without sleep on conditional release.

Russian Sleep Experiment

Scientists who were watching the experiment were interested in the theory of depriving people of sleep for longer periods to learn more about how it affects their minds and bodies.

As the days went by, the observers noticed that the prisoners were surprisingly high alert in their senses. Even though they had not slept in days. Their talks became more and more crazy and paranoid. They started acting in strange ways.

The researchers heard whispers of hallucinations, cutting oneself, and even violence. Around the 15th day, things inside the room turned into a nightmare. The prisoners started to scream and beg to let it go. They shouted they could not take any more of the horrible things they had seen while they had not slept.

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The researchers got worried, so they decided to open the cell. They wanted to see what was going on. What they found was even worse than they imagined.

The prisoners went crazy. Researchers team witnessed one of them dead and others cutting themselves in horrible ways.

However, it is significant to note that the Russian Sleep Experiment doesn’t show solid historical proof. Although, people across the internet have talked about it a lot.

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