Storm Jocelyn to hit UK with severe wind and rain after storm Isha

Storm Jocelyn to hit UK

Storm Jocelyn to hit UK with severe wind and rain after storm Isha

Storm Jocelyn is about to hit the United Kingdom (UK) with severe wind and rain just after Storm Isha killed and injured people. The Meteorological Office of the UK (Met) has predicted severe windy weather today night extending into Jan 24, 2024.

Met Office has issued amber and yellow weather warnings for wind cover in most of the UK. There are also yellow weather warnings for rain in western and southern Scotland and north-west England.

Moreover, the Met Office has also issued a yellow warning for ice storms in the north and east parts of Scotland. The forecaster officials predict that the open areas of the UK may experience wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour. Higher ground may receive 40 to 50 mm of rainfall.

Steve Willington, CEO of the Met Office, said Storm Jocelyn could cause more problems right after Storm Isha. The storm may bring 15 to 20 mm of rain to most parts of the UK and 40 to 50 mm of rainfall in higher ground in southwest Scotland, the Scottish Highlands, and northwest England.

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The wind gusts are expected to reach 55 to 65 miles per hour across northwest Scotland on Jan 24, 2024. However, wind gusts could reach 75 to 80 miles per hour in open parts of the Western Isles and northwest Scotland

The spokesperson for Met Office, Stephen Dixon, said today will experience another wet day before windspeeds increase in the evening. According to Stephen, today may prove a catastrophic wett day for many people due to rain storms. It may bring the chance of disruption.

However, winds will develop overnight on Jan 23, 2024, and early morning on Jan 24, 2024. The wind speeds of Strom Jocelyn to hit the UK will be slightly lower than those of Storm Isha.

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