All-black Lamborghini Chicken with black flesh cost up to $2500

All-black Lamborghini Chicken

All-black Lamborghini Chicken with black flesh cost up to $2500

Ayam Cemani, popularly known as the All-black Lamborghini Chicken, is a rare and most expensive breed from Indonesia available at $2500. This unusual breed is native to Indonesia and is believed to have been called after a hamlet in Java.

Its more recognized nickname stems from its rare existence and high value. This breed has a captivating black feathered appearance. However, it is unique due to its black-colored beak, tongue, claws, eyes, bones, and all organs.

The all-black appearance of Lamborghini Chicken is due to fibromelanosis, also known as dermal hyperpigmentation. The Ayam Cemani or Lamborghini Chicken is one of the most expensive chicken breeds in the world.

There are estimates that Black Lamborghini might cost up to $2500 (around 6 lakh rupees). It has long been a breed of public attention that has increased demand and generated interest in producing them in other nations.

Despite having a unique black appearance, the other reasons for the high cost are high protein and muscular build-up at unusual rates than an average chicken. Hence, it increases human stamina to a great extent and plays a significant role in sustaining health.

All-black Lamborghini Chicken

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The flesh of Black Lamborghini is a rich source of protein and has low fat compared to other chicken breeds. It may be one of the possible reasons for being the most expensive among all other chicken breeds.

Therefore, Black Lamborghini is an excellent addition for those people who are health-conscious and looking forward to increased protein intake.

As a result, it is desirable and valuable for reasons other than its black flesh. Its eggs have high value and may earn high prices. The cost of one egg ranges from 14-15 dollars.

Another unusual thing about Ayam Cemani is its black blood color. Its blood color is red, but it appears black owing to its black flesh.

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