Senate passed strict resolution against anti-army propaganda

Senate passed strict resolution

Senate passed strict resolution against anti-army propaganda

The Senate of Pakistan passed a strict resolution seeking severe punishment for those who get involved in anti-army propaganda. It quickly approved a resolution on Jan 1, 2024.

The resolution calls for harsh punishment for individuals who spread propaganda against the country’s military services. Behramand Tangi, a Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) politician presented this resolution.

The majority of Senators requested legal punishment against criminals. The resolution formerly called for the government to ban anybody from holding public office for ten years involved in malicious propaganda against the armed forces.

Meanwhile, the resolution expressed serious concern about negative and malicious propaganda on various social media platforms against the armed forces and other security agencies. In this regard, the Senate has passed a strict resolution against anti-army propaganda.

The resolution highlights the huge sacrifices of armed forces and other security agencies in the war against terror and for the defense and protection of the country’s borders. As well as the fact that a strong army and other security agencies are essential for the defense of the country, especially because of the hostile neighborhood (India).

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The resolution recommends the government take necessary steps to impose severe punishment as per law. All those found involved in negative and malicious propaganda against the armed forces and other security agencies of Pakistan. The House will now meet today.

However, Senators also argued that the issue of enforced disappearances needed to be addressed. As well as people’s worries for peace and security. They demanded the government to listen to the protesting Baloch people’s demands and act to address them.

Meanwhile, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed of PML-N shocked many during the senate proceeding. When he highlighted the subject of mass rejection of nomination papers for PTI candidates. He warned that it was harmful to democracy.

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