Oil refinery fire erupts after explosion in pipeline in Rawalpindi

Oil refinery fire

Oil refinery fire erupts after explosion in pipeline in Rawalpindi

A huge fire erupts in the pipeline of an oil refinery in Dhamial village in Rawalpindi and firefighters are battling this blaze. The erupted fire went out of control and firefighters were trying to extinguish it for the three-hour-long rescue operation.

There were more than twelve officials who carried out fire extinguishing services and tried to control the fire. According to an earlier report, the massive fire overtook a residential house in the vicinity of an oil refinery.

Authorities on fire outbreak in oil refinery

According to rescue officials, six emergency vehicles including three fire tenders have contributed to the rescue attempt to put out the fire. They claimed that after three hours of firefighting, they were finally able to extinguish the fire.

However, no casualties occurred because officials safely evacuated residents of the neighborhood. Thick smoke was visible pouring from the damaged house.

Emergency officials said rescue and fire department workers were on the scene. Oil spilled due to a burst in the supply line and efforts are underway to control the fire.

The fire re-emerged after fire-extinguished during the operation before going out completely. According to them, the relevant organizations shut down the oil supply in the pipeline.

A massive fire breakout in an oil refinery in Rawalpindi

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The explosion of the pipeline sprayed oil into the street generating a foul odor. An additional police force reached the area of the fire zone.

According to Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatha, oil pipelines ran across to the residential area. The affected house was abandoned and someone attempted to take oil by breaking the pipeline resulting in the fire.

Commissioner Liaqat stated that the oil refinery had already received a letter requesting that the pipelines be removed from the residential area. He said the administration will now establish a permanent policy on this matter.

According to Liaqat, the area where the pipeline runs should be empty but people have built residences alongside it. He further confirmed no lives were lost.

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