More women won general elections 2024 compared to 2018 elections

more women won general elections 2024

More women won general elections 2024 compared to 2018 elections

More women candidates have won 2024 general elections with a record-breaking victory number of 27 compared to just 16 in 2018 elections.

About 882 women candidates filed candidacy papers for national and provincial assembly seats in the 2024 elections. 312 females submitted nominations for the National Assembly and 570 for provincial assembly seats. It shows a considerable in number of female candidates running in the 2024 elections.

The women candidates won 27 seats in the general elections, which are 11 more seats than in the 2018 elections. The 111 political parties nominated 275 women candidates for general elections showing 4.6% of the total of 6,037 candidates fielded.

This time shows a record 27 women have been elected from all five assemblies. Twelwe women won for the National Assembly, 11 for the Punjab Assembly, 2 for the Sindh Assembly, and 1 for Kyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Shandana Gulzar KhanPTI-backedNANA-3078,971
Aniqa MehdiPTI-backedNANA-67208,943
Shezra Mansab KharalPML-NNANA-112105,646
Maryam Nawaz SharifPML-NNANA-11983,855
Ayesha Nazir JattPTI-backedNANA-156119,820
Begum Tehmina DoultanaPML-NNANA-158111,196
Umber MajeedPTI-backedNANA-181120,499
Zartaj GulPTI-backedNANA-18594,881
Nafisa ShahPPPNANA-202146,083
Shazia MariPPPNANA-209156,002
Aasia Ishaque SiddiquiMQM-PNANA-23288,258
Nousheen IftikharPML-NNANA-78112,143
Suraya BibiPTI-backedKPPK 1 Chitral Upper18,914
Noor Shahid NoorPTI-backedPunjabPP-10335,431
Asfa Riaz FatianaPTI-backedPunjabPP-12351,219
Maryam Nawaz SharifPML-NPunjabPP-15923,598
Misbah WajidIndependentPunjabPP-172313,78
Shazia HayatPTI-backedPunjabPP-22569,799
Suraiya SultanaPTI-backedPunjabPP-244506,25
Saima KanwalPTI-backedPunjabPP-26054,980
Nadia KharPTI-backedPunjabPP-27755,147
Zarnab SherPTI-backedPunjabPP-4074,640
Basma ChaudhryPTI-backedPunjabPP-4170,159
Faryal TalpurPPPSindhPS-1085,917
Azra Fazal PechuhoPPPSindhPS-3685,917

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A record-breaking 183 women ran for general seats in the National Assembly in the 2018 elections. However, only eight female candidates won. Four female candidates won in Sindh, three in Punjab, and one in Balochistan. However, women candidates did won a single seat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

However, there were 135 women candidates with independent candidates outnumbering party ticket holders by 74 to 61 respectively in 2013 elections.

But there were only 72 women candidates including 41 party holders and 31 independents in 2008 elections. All these statistics show women participation in the political arena has been increasing with every elections. It is a positive sign for becoming progressive country.

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