Jamiat and Pashtun groups clash injured five students

Jamiat and Pashtun groups clash

Jamiat and Pashtun groups clash injured five students

The clash between activist groups of Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) and the Pashtun Student Council took place at the University of Punjab, Lahore. The clash between Jamiat and Pashtun groups injured five students.

According to reports, some IJT activists went up to a private canteen outside Hostel No. 9. They started pasting their list on the canteen after looking over the rate list for each food item.

When shops refused to utilize the new rate list, the IJT activists tried to make them close their canteens. Meanwhile, Pakhtun Council activists also went up to the canteen in reaction to stop the IJT from closing the stores.

The two groups then got into a furious argument as a result. As soon as the situation got out of control, activists from both sides started using rods and sticks as weapons.

Following a request from the Punjab University administration, the police showed up shortly and took 27 students into custody from both groups.

The Muslim town police seized the students involved in the violent event and filed a case against both parties under terrorist charges. According to the First Information Report (FIR), they have nominated about thirty-eight students in the incident.

However, the security official contradicted the claims mentioned in the FIR. He stated that the students did not use any weapons.

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The spokesperson for Punjab University (PU), Khurram Shehzad, said they have formed a committee to look into the matter after the management at the university became aware of this incident.

However, it has not happened for the first time. The JIT activists have a long history of engaging in conflicts with the Pashtun Student Federation (PSF).

A severe clash happened between IJT and PSF in 2017 last time. Members of JIT attacked the peaceful culture dance and other performances by the PSF. It also led PSF to take revenge to the next level. It resulted in the cancellation of all curricular and co-curricular activities of PU.

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