Houthis attacked Karachi-bound ship from Saudi Arabia in Red Sea

Houthis attacked Karachi-bound ship

Houthis attacked Karachi-bound ship from Saudi Arabia in Red Sea

Yemen militant group Houthis has attacked the Karachi-bound ship which was on its route back to Karachi from King Abdullah Port. Houthis said they targeted the ship when its crew failed to respond.

Houthis group has claimed responsibility that it has attacked a Karachi-bound ship by launching a missile strike on it. They attacked in an attempt to attack Israel with drones.

The name of the attacked ship was United VIII. According to the International shipping line MSC Mediterranean Shipping, the attack happened on United VIII en route from King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia to Karachi.

However, the shipping company has reported no injuries have happened to the ship crew. According to the report, the ship notified a nearby coalition naval force that it had come under attack and had taken defensive measures.

Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said the group Houthi had targeted the commercial ship which he identified as the MSC United after the crew failed to respond to three warnings.

Yahya also claimed that the Houthis launched a military attack on the Eilat and other Israeli cities referring to Israel as “Occupied Palestine”. However, he did not specify whether any of the targets proved successful or not.

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Houthis control most of Yemen including its capital Sana’a. Since October, they have been attacking the commercial ships in the Red Sea. They claim the ships have Israeli connections or are heading to Israel. Therefore, they attack them in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations Authority has reported two incidents. It involves missiles and drones near a commercial ship in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen. Although no injuries happened.

However, these reported incidents came just one week after the US announced a multinational maritime security strategy in the Red Sea. The US has taken this initiative in response to Houthi attacks on shipping in Yemen.

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