ECP sent notice to CM Gandapur over the disqualification petition

ECP sent notice to CM Gandapur

ECP sent notice to CM Gandapur over the disqualification petition

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has sent a notice to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister (CM) Ali Amin Gandapur over a disqualification petition in a property case.

The notice followed a petition demanding the disqualification of CM Gandapur for allegedly misrepresenting a plot of land. The two-member panel heard the appeal filed against CM Gandapur within the election body ECP.

However, the panel consisted of Sindh Member Nisar Ahmad Durrani and Balochistan Member Shah Muhammad Jatoi. The ECP then delayed the matter until March 26, 2024.

In a two-page brief order released after the hearing, the ECP panel gave an order to issue a notice to the newly appointed KPK CM Gandapur. Ali Amin Gandapur became CM following his provincial win from his home seat Dera Ismail Khan.

Muhammad Kafeel has filed a petition against CM Gandapur for his disqualification in ECP. He alleged 735-kanals of land were transferred in the name of Gandapur although Asif Khan was the true owner. This alleged land plot is located in Mouzah Girah Muhabbat and Muzah Rohri, Kulachi, district DI Khan.

Petitioner Kafeel stated in the petition, that Gandapur was the apparent owner of a particular land under the agreement. However, Asif Khan was the sole and absolute owner of the land property. Hence, CM had to return it to the real owner Asif Khan which he did not.

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According to the petition, Gandapur bought a Toyota Land Cruiser YB-777 with the money he got from selling 735 kanals of land. He showed it in liabilities forms in 2020 that were properly made public.

Hence, he further claimed Gandapur did not qualify to serve as a member of the provincial assembly due to his incorrect declaration. The ECP panel also stated in the order they have heard initial arguments that need consideration on merits.

The panel ordered ECP to send notice to respondent no.5 (Ali Amin Gandapur) for the date fixed through the District Election Commissioner. Hence, ECP sent a notice to KPK CM Gandapur to present himself in ECP following the panel order. The next case hearing will come up on March 26, 2024.

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