Baloch activists call United Nations to Investigate Genocide

Baloch activists call United Nations

Baloch activists call United Nations to Investigate Genocide

Baloch activists have launched a social media campaign through which they call on the United Nations (UN) to investigate the “Baloch Genocide”. The Baloch Social Media Activists (BSMA) initiated this campaign on Twitter X which has caught momentum across Pakistan.

BSMA is running the hashtag UN for Balochistan which is trending in Pakistan and other countries including India. This hashtag has been trending for the past two days.

The main purpose of this campaign is to urge the United Nations to send a fact-finding delegation to Balochistan to investigate the ongoing “Baloch Genocide”. BSMA highlighted the dire need for the UN investigation in Balochistan and requested all to participate in this campaign.

According to the Balochistan Post, BSMA emphasized several important points including the urgency to stop ongoing “state-sponsored violence”. And the providence of justice for Baloch victims and their families. As well as to grab the international attention to the Balochistan crisis to force the Pakistani government to address their concerns.

Hashtag Un for Balochistan is trending on Twitter X

The hashtag UN for Balochistan is trending on Twitter X after Baloch activists joined their call to urge the United Nations to investigate the ongoing genocide in Balochistan. A Baloch activist wrote that state institutions should be embarrassed of their illegality. But instead, they are playing the victim card to justify their pitiful violation of the human right to liberty.

Another Baloch wrote about why the international community and the United Nations are not seeing Pakistan’s oppression and violence against the Baloch people.

Another Baloch wrote on X that last night at 2 o’clock Ghulam Rasool’s father Sulaiman disappeared by the Pakistani forces. Remember that our Baloch mothers, brothers, and elders are protesting in Islamabad to stop the forced disappearances. On the other hand, the state is missing more youths.

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The recent campaign of Baloch activists is a strategic move to gain international support. They are raising awareness about the severity of the Balochistan crisis. They are marking their voices through online campaigns to force the UN to take decisive action.

The families of missing Baloch persons are already in Islamabad to register a protest. Their protest is against enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of Baloch people by the security forces of Pakistan.

The Baloch protestors have been in Islamabad for about eleven days and appealed to the UN to investigate the “Baloch Genocide.” However, they have not yet received any response.

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