Ameer Balaj Tipu biography, age, career, and other details to know

Ameer Balaj Tipu biography

Ameer Balaj Tipu biography, age, career, and other details to know

This article sheds light on the biography of Ameer Balaj Tipu, famous as Tipu Truckanwala, a well-known underworld figure and businessman in Pakistan. He was a notorious gangster who also owned a transportation network.

Despite his role as a main player in the underworld of Lahore, Ameer Balaj Tipu was also a well-known owner of a network for goods transportation. He became famous for being one of the most feared persons in the criminal circles of Lahore.

Ameer Balaj Tipu Biography

Ameer Balaj was born in 1989 in Lahore, Pakistan. His mother was Sharifa Ferris. The late Tipu Trukanwala, or Arif Ameer, was his father. He grew up in a family involved in rivalries and disputes.

Unknown gunmen killed the grandfather of Tipu, Billa Truckanwala, or Ameerul Din outside his home in Shah Alam Market in 2014. However, his father lost his life in 2010 owing to the deadliest gunfire at Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore.

Later on, Tipu endured the burden of his forefather’s battles, especially with the rival gang of Malik Ishaq. He fell victim to a three-generation-old gang war at the age of 34. He left his legacy with two sons and daughters. However, the name of his wife is unknown.

Educational Background

Balaj changed his path from the traditional norm by attending a private local school and college in Pakistan. According to some reports, he obtained a degree in Mass Communication and Digital Media production in 2013-2016 from Delhi University.

Professional Ventures

Tipu, who inherited a large network of goods transportation, broadened his commercial empire by pursuing ventures in real estate, construction, agriculture, and entertainment.

However, accusations of his involvement in illegal activities such as smuggling, murder, extortion, and land grabbing tarnished his reputation. He was a dual personality as a criminal underworld don and humanitarian service.

Affiliation with Politics

Tipu did not only involve himself in business and criminal activity. He was also a political and religious activist. He initially joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and later joined Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) to run for general elections from Lahore.

Ameer Balaj Tipu biography

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Disputes and Rivalry

Serious generational conflicts dodged the life of Tipu, most notably those with the gang of Malik Ishaq. There are claims that Tipu killed gang members of Malik Ishaq, which led him to his last breadth.

Tragic End

The last chapter of Tipu was written three days before during a wedding ceremony on Feb 18, 2024. He suffered fatal wounds when an unknown gunman opened fire on him. He passed away at Jinnah Hospital owing to the deadliest wounds.

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