4-year-old Maria tragic murder near Panjkora River sparks outrage

4-year-old Maria tragic murder

4-year-old Maria tragic murder near Panjkora River sparks outrage

Lower Dir police unveiled the tragic murder of a 4-year-old minor girl named Maria as they discovered her dead body near Panjkora River, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The little girl went missing from Khazana village at night time on Jan 3, 2024.

The news of the tragic murder of 4-year-old Maria went viral on social media. People expressed frustration over the disturbing incident. Lower Dir Deputy Commissioner Wasil Khan became aware of this incident when it went viral on social media.

Soon after, the Commissioner instructed the Lower Dir police officers team to visit the crime scene and gather evidence. The SP investigation Zahoor Ahmed, SP CTD Amjad Khan, and DSP Jandool Bakht were among those in the squad.

Meanwhile, Lower Dir DPO Zia-ud-din Ahmed went to the Timergara District Headquarters Hospital. He checked the post-mortem examination and other investigations. He further instructed the police to conduct a thorough investigation using modern techniques. DPO also emphasized the need to catch the responsible culprits quickly.

The National Commission on the Rights of Child (NCRC) condemned the terrifying murder of Maria on Twitter. It states that they are horrified at the murder of innocent Maria and have taken notice of this crime. It also urged the DPO and Deputy Commissioner of Lower Dir to prioritize this case.

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Lower Dir Police acted quickly and captured the main suspect Niaz Ali Khan, a resident of Bannu who resided in Lower Dir District for some months. He confessed to kidnap little Maria and molest her sexually before strangling her to death. Afterward, he threw a dead body into the Panjkora River.

Pakistani people are angered over the tragic incident of Maria. They are criticizing the national administration and demanding to punish the criminals.

Netizens are running hashtag justice for Maria on Twitter X. According to them, every day, children fall victim to this cruelty. They are questioning why the government doesn’t give severe punishments to the murderers of children.

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