Kerala govt to set control centers to stop man-animal conflict

Kerala govt to set control centers

Kerala govt to set control centers to stop man-animal conflict

The Kerala govt is about to set up control centers and RRTs (Rapid Response Teams) to stop man-animal conflict in the Wayanad district. Kerala ministers convened a meeting in Wayanad to discuss man-animal conflict and agreed to expand fast-response teams and establish a monitoring committee.

Three Kerala ministers convened an all-party meeting to address the rising man-animal conflict incidents. During this meeting, the ministers of the Kerala govt made crucial decisions to set up command control centers and the number of RRTs (rapid response teams).

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Revenue Minister K Rajan, and local self-government Minister AK Saseendran hosted the all-party meeting at the Wayanad collectorate in Kalpetta. District Collector Renu Raj also attended this meeting.

As a result of the meeting, a command control center will be established to monitor animal invasions. It will conduct operations to capture wild animals. Aside from one current RRT, the government will establish two new RRTs and make them permanent throughout the district of Wayanad.

The meeting happened after an incident when two men died owing to elephant attacks in the last two weeks. Likewise, public outrage was also growing over the rising invasions of wild animals, particularly elephants and tigers, into human communities along forest borders.

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The control facility within the Bavali forest checkpoint has been improved. Revenue Minister K Rajan told reporters that the government will establish a monitoring committee of people. The district collector will chair this committee.

He also stated they have taken measures to alert local inhabitants about wild animal intrusions. The residents will inform authorities about animal intrusions via community radio, microphone announcements, and WhatsApp groups.

Meanwhile, two members of the Legislative Assembly from Congress party representatives in local authorities boycotted the all-party meeting. They accused the Kerala government of failing to protect the people’s lives.

They also sought the resignation of the forest minister A. K. Saseendran who did not visit the victims’ houses following the tragic incident of male casualties owing to elephant attacks.

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