Victoria Police crackdown and seized drugs in millions

Victoria Police crackdown and seized drugs in millions

Victoria Police crackdown and seized drugs in millions

Victoria Police has seized drugs in millions and arrested alleged people as it did a crackdown on Docklands apartment. Police recovered millions of dollars worth of steroids and prescription medicines from a “sophisticated drug ring” in Melbourne.

According to police, the ring allegedly worked through a Port Melbourne Gym, with two males, 27 and 32. They purchased drugs from an overseas supplier and resold them to hundreds of gym junkies.

Victoria police (VP) have arrested three persons and have seized millions of dollars in steroids and prescription drugs. It is the largest seizure of its kind in the history of Victoria.

Victoria Police crackdown as seized drugs in millions

Drugs valued at million dollars seized in police search

This development took place as a result of a seven-month investigation that which VP conducted in partnership with the ACT Police. The investigation came to a close when they searched five residences on Friday.

A search warrant issued on a Docklands apartment resulted in the discovery of many drug distribution locations, as well as millions of dollars of illegal steroids and pharmaceuticals, label makers, and over $130,000 in cash.
Victoria Police crackdown and seized drugs in millions

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An additional search of a Port Melbourne gym revealed more illicit steroids, while a search warrant executed at a fifth Flemington house yielded $45,000 in cash and illegal steroids.

Detective Inspector Patrick Watkinson said what caught our interest is that they are allegedly supplying drugs to organized criminal leaders, not only benefitting financially but also facilitating their luxurious lifestyles.

Furthermore, he said the general public may believe that dealing with performance-enhancing drugs is harmless, but we’re looking at the big picture here, which is to target all areas of organized crime, including those affiliated with it.

Inspector Patrick added they want to send a message to individuals who associate with people with links to organized crime. If they get in touch in any manner, the chances of their activity tracking increase.

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