Union Workers on strike against Ford

Union Workers on strike against Ford

Union Workers on strike against Ford

Union workers are on strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, among other automakers, in the United States. About a hundred workers were on strike at Ford Plant in the United States. People are on strike due to the high inflation in the United States and lower salaries by the automaker companies.

People on the strike say that the cost of living has increased but the salaries are still not up to the meeting our expenses.

“Are you making $100 a day? Is that sufficient?” the reporter inquired. “Well, that’s just not adequate,” responded the striking member.

People on the strike are not backing off until the automakers decide to increase the salaries of the worker meeting their expectations.

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Union workers strike against Big Three automakers: CNN – TabloidPK

In the strike, more and more people are joining which could ultimately disrupt the process of the automaker industry. There are approximately 13,000 members on strike across the United States pleading to increase their salaries due to rising inflation.

The President of Ford came to address the issue of union workers and offered an increase of 20% in salaries but the union workers demanded an increase of 40%. Due to the conflict between both sides, nothing was concluded between both parties.

Jim Farley claimed that “Ford will probably go bankrupt if it meets all worker requirements saying, “It’s a joke.”

The United States has been facing inflation for a very long time and the debt-to-GDP ratio of the US has increased magnificently in recent years.

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