Senate removed Kisii Deputy Governor for first time in Kenya history

Senate removed Kisii Deputy Governor

Senate removed Kisii Deputy Governor for first time in Kenya history

Kisii Deputy Governor, Robert Monda became the first deputy governor removed by the Senate with charges of serious law violations. The Senate of Kenya voted to uphold four charges brought against Robert Monda by the Kissi County Assembly which led to his removal.

This decision of the Senate to remove Robert Manda as Deputy Governor has ended his long-standing power battle. Robert Monda has become the first deputy governor to be removed by the Senate since Kenya’s federalism began in 2013.

However, he is the second deputy governor to have his case heard by the Senate after the former deputy governor Siaya’s William Oduol.

He is guilty of four charges for law and constitution breach, abuse of office, extreme misconduct, and national law violations. The speaker of the Senate, Amason Kingi, stated it is clear that senators have upheld the impeachment (removal) charges against Robert Monda following the division.

Thirty-nine senators voted in favor of the first two charges while three opposed and one senator withdrew. However, thirty-five senators voted in favor of the third accusation, seven objected, and one did not vote.

In addition, senators voted 32 times in favor of Robert’s removal on the fourth charge. Although one voted against and did not vote.

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Robert has accusations of obtaining 800,000 Shillings from a local to gain a job for his son and even threatening the family. The victim’s family fled into hiding after complaining about Robert Monda.

County Assembly members accused Robert of breaking the Integrity Act of 2012, among other offenses. Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale sponsored the impeachment motion against Robert Monda. He claimed the charges have proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Furthermore, Bonny remarked they would lie to themselves if they said Robert Monda did not receive the money. Or the young man has not proven he sent money to the Deputy Governor to get a job.

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