Scott Morrison lands in Israel on solidarity visit with Boris Johnson

Scott Morrison lands in Israel on solidarity visit with Boris Johnson

Scott Morrison lands in Israel on solidarity visit with Boris Johnson

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison lands in Israel with ex-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a solidarity visit.

Mr. Scott landed in Israel yesterday which is the first visit of an Australian politician to Israel since the war initiated between Hamas and Israel on October 7, 2023.

Ex-PM Scott has revealed that he joined Boris Johnson on the surprise visit to the Jewish state to express its solidarity with Israel amid the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. He backed the stance of Israel to continue the military operation on the land of Gaza for self-defense against a Palestinian militant group Hamas.

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Why do former UK and Australian leaders support Israel?

Mr.Scott said that he is in Israel because he believes he should be. He further added that it is an opportunity to learn firsthand what is happening on the ground. He believes that it is a way to remember those who have died, to support those who have suffered and are currently involved in this horrific conflict, and to discuss how to move forward.

Mr. Boris and Mr. Scott visited one of the places attacked by the October 7 massacre. They toured kibbutz Kfar Aza where Hamas militants killed 57 Israelis and kidnapped Israelis.

Both former leaders shared their opinions about pro-Palestinian protests calling out Israel for a ceasefire in Gaza. More than 9,700 Palestinians were massacred due to a retaliatory military attack by Israel on Gaza.

Both leaders agree that Israel has the right to self-defense. So it shouldn’t follow international demand for a ceasefire in Gaza. Mr. Morrison backs the refusal of Israel of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza saying “I don’t support a ceasefire”.

Scott Morrison lands in Israel on solidarity visit with Boris Johnson

It is important to note that the United Nations adopted a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza on October 26, 2023. About 120 countries voted in favor of the resolution and 14 countries including America and the United Kingdom against it. While 45 countries didn’t vote either in favor or opposition to the resolution.

Israel has declined to abide by the International humanitarian law as well as the UN resolution on ceasefire. It has a stance to defend itself against Hamas. And Israel vows to continue its military operation against militants at any cost.

In this regard, both former leaders visited Israel to support the decision of the Jewish state not to ceasefire in Gaza. They expressed solidarity and support for Israel. Mr. Scott was a strong supporter of Israel during his tenure in 2018. He also recognized West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel while the recent Australian government reversed its stance on this matter.

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