Obama warned Israel about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Obama warned Israel about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Obama warned Israel about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Former US President Barack Obama warned Israel about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza over the Israel-HAMAS war.

Obama criticizes the decision of Israel to cut off food and water to Gaza. He says this decision could harden Palestinian attitudes for generations and it may weaken international support for Israel. He has warned Israel that its actions in Gaza could “backfire”.

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The Ex-president said any military strategy of Israel that ignores the human costs of war “could immediately backfire”. He condemned the attack of HAMAS and restated his support for the right of Israel to defend itself. However, he warned about threats to civilians in such wars as one going on Israel-HAMAS war.

Obama has released a statement in response to the Israel-HAMAS war. He said that even if the US supports Israel, they should also be clear about how Israel prosecutes this fight against HAMAS matters. He repeatedly emphasized and said in particular, it matters that Israeli military strategy abides by international law.

Moreover, he added including those laws that seek to avoid the death or suffering of civilian populations to every extent possible.

Obama warned Israel about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

This statement of the former president came after increased airstrikes of Israel on Gaza ahead of a fast-approaching invasion.

Israel has massively bombarded the Gaza Strip with airstrikes since the 7th October attack of HAMAS on Israel. It resulted in a death toll of about 1,400 Israelis. The officials of Gaza have reported that over 5,000 Palestinians were killed as a result of Israeli airstrikes.

However, it is unclear whether Obama coordinated with current US President Joe Biden before releasing his statement. Biden had been vice president of Obama for eight years after the Democratic party won the 2008 elections.

It is important to note Obama usually backed Israel’s right to self-defense at the beginning of conflicts with HAMAS in Gaza during his tenure. But he called for Israeli restraint once Palestinian casualties escalated from airstrikes launched by Israel.

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