Liz Truss supports Donald Trump to win US presidential election

Liz Truss supports Donald Trump

Liz Truss supports Donald Trump to win US presidential election

Former UK Prime Minister and parliament member Liz Truss supports Donald Trump to win the 2024 US Presidential elections. Liz Truss said the “world was safer” under Donald Trump’s administration.

Liz also said that “a strong America is needed now more than ever” as the world is on the verge of strong conflict. Her remarks came when the first of Mr. Trump’s four criminal trials began. She expressed these views while giving interview to British news radio station LBC.

Liz claimed that the Western opponents were much more afraid of the Trump presidency than Democrats under Joe Biden. She also said that Mr. Trump was acting more firmly against China and Iran.

Liz also appreciated Mr. Trump’s backing of Ukraine. She said Trump approved the sale of anti-tank Javelin missiles to Ukraine despite his Republican supporters opposing the military aid. Liz also said she is not saying, she agrees with everything he has ever said.

However, Liz Truss thinks the world was safer while Donald Trump was president of the United States and she supports him for a presidential campaign.

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She also wishes to collaborate with other fellow conservatives to work on what she sees as a serious threat, the sabotage of Western civilization and society by left-wing extremist ideologies.

She revealed her intention to support former politician Nigel Farage “becoming an MP” if he were to rejoin the Conservative party. According to her, Nigel (the founder of Ukip and Reform UK) believes in conservative values. She thinks it’s a shame he’s not in the Conservative Party.

Ms. Liz Truss stated in the interview that she was pushed out of office by influential members of the UK establishment after 49 days. She was the British prime minister with the shortest tenure in history due to her brief term in office.

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