Karnataka water crisis: Govt ban excess water use with heavy fines

Karnataka water crisis

Karnataka water crisis: Govt ban excess water use with heavy fines

The government of Karnataka has banned extra use of drinking water for several activities with heavy fines amid the water crisis. Hence, residents of Karnataka cannot use water except for drinking.

The Karnataka Water Supply and Sewerage Board bans drinking water usage for non-essential activities. It includes car washing, gardening, construction, water fountains, and road construction and maintenance. Violation of this order may result in a fine of 5,000/- INR.

This move comes after the Bengaluru City administration fixed the price for water tankers based on the quantity of water and the delivery distance.

The Bengaluru City district administration responded to claims of blackmail against tanker owners in the city. Bengaluru City District Collector KA Dayanand issued an order establishing the price of tanker water.

Meanwhile, customers repeatedly complained and expressed worries about the excessive fees charged for water tankers forced to fix prices for tankers.

Hence, the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board filed a petition on behalf of the Bangalore Metropolitan Corporation which led to the decision to fix the price of tanker water. The Bengaluru district administration charges:

  • 600/- for 6000-liter water
  • 700/- for 8000-liter water
  • 1000/- for 12,000-liter water

All these charges are for tanker trips up to 5 kilometers. However, the charges for distances of 5-10km:

  • 750/- for 6000-liter water
  • 850/- for 8000-liter water
  • 1200/- for 12000-liter water

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Karnataka is facing a severe water crisis even before the summer officially begins. Over 3,000 borewells across the city have also dried up due to inadequate rainfall during the previous moonstone season. It resulted in a significant water shortfall.

Apartment complexes and lavish areas have also begun to impose water consumption limitations and restrictions in Karnataka. Thus, some people turned to social media and reported their societies are sending out alerts that there is little or no water left for residents.

Meanwhile, the Siddaramaiah-led government in Karnataka state has been asking for drought relief from the federal government for several months. He expressed it while convening meetings to address the severe water scarcity.

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