Joe Biden warns Israel against Gaza Invasion

Joe Biden warns Israel against Gaza Invasion

Joe Biden warns Israel against Gaza Invasion

US President Joe Biden warns Israel against Gaza Invasion in an interview “60 Minutes” with CBS. He acclaimed that it would be a big mistake for Israel to occupy Gaza.

Biden released this statement because Israel claims that it has been preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza despite the humanitarian crisis growing inside Gaza. Israel has ceased access to Gaza civilians from food, water, fuel, electricity, and health facilities. In this crisis of a complete Gaza siege by Israel, President Biden supports humanitarian corridors.

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Biden said in his view HAMAS and its extreme elements don’t represent all the people of Palestine. According to him, Palestinian group HAMAS must be eliminated but he supports Palestinian statehood. As he claims it has been the policy of the United States of America for decades.

Watch out the full interview of US President Joe Biden with the CBS News program 60 Minutes here

Biden believes there is a need to establish a Palestinian Authority, a path to a Palestinian state but he emphasizes upon removal of HAMAS. He told interviewer Scott Pelley that Israel has to go after HAMAS who have committed barbaric acts like the Holocaust, so Israel has to respond. As a result, Israel launched massive bombing attacks on the Gaza Strip causing the death of over 2,000 people.

It is important to note that US President Biden particularly didn’t say that it was time for a ceasefire during his interview.

President Biden is considering a trip to Israel in the upcoming days. But a senior administration official said the travel date has not been finalized yet. Sources claim it would be a powerful symbol of sympathy and support for Israel following the HAMAS attack on Israel.

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