Israel airstrikes Hezbollah over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Isreal airstrikes Hezbollah over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel airstrikes Hezbollah over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Israel launched airstrikes on Hezbollah, an Islamic political and militant party in Lebanon over the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed its jet fighter struck an overnight attack on targeted Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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Since the war initiated between Israel and HAMAS on Oct 7, 2023, clashes have begun on Israel-Lebanon. As a result of these clashes, ten Lebanese fighters died including a Reuters journalist and two civilians while two Israelis died. However, Lebanon’s army blames Israel for killing of journalist.

The Jerusalem Post reports that over 1300 Israelis and foreign nationals were killed this morning on Oct 17, 2023. And more than 4,121 people were wounded.

The United States of America is supporting its biggest ally in the ongoing Israel-HAMAS war. This morning, the US deployment carrier has succeeded in stopping Hezbollah, an ally of HAMAS from launching an attack on Israel.

Isreal airstrikes Hezbollah over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Hezbollah on Oct 16, 2023, reported it had attacked five Israeli positions near the border of Lebanon. Today morning Israeli defense forces launched an attack on Hezbollah. Tensions have risen along the Israeli-Lebanese border amid an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and the Hezbollah group.

Israel started to evacuate thousands of its citizens in 28 locations in the north of the country after these border clashes.

The international community has strong concerns over the rising conflict between Lebanese Hezbollah, and the Israeli army.

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