Georgia man sentenced for poisoning newborn baby with antifreeze milk

Georgia man sentenced for poisoning newborn baby

Georgia man sentenced for poisoning newborn baby with antifreeze milk

A Georgia man named Curtis Jack has been sentenced to 50 years imprisonment for poisoning a newborn baby with antifreeze milk. It came to the surface after Jack’s 18-day-old daughter tested positive for ethylene glycol at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Scottish Rite Hospital.

Ethylene glycol is a substance frequently found in car antifreeze. Following that, South Fulton Police arrested Curtis on October 16, 2020.

The incident dates back to September 24, 2020, when Jack poisoned a newborn baby girl. According to South Fulton Police, Curtis and the woman (baby’s mother) worked together. The two had been in an intimate relationship since January 2020. Jack urged the woman to end the pregnancy when she became pregnant.

Curtis told police detectives he had put antifreeze into bottles of breast milk for the baby while his daughter’s mother was still in the hospital following her delivery.

The baby’s grandmother was looking after the newborn baby. Jack gave her poisoned bottles to feed the baby girl. The baby became dangerously ill within 24 hours. Authorities assumed someone had given poison to the baby.

However, the state presented testimonies from the baby’s mother, grandmother, medical professionals, and law enforcement officers against Jack in court. They all witnessed in court that Curtis contaminated and poisoned milk having the intention to kill the baby.

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Following that, Fulton Court Georgia sentenced convicted man Curtis Jack to a 50-year jail sentence for poisoning his newborn baby. The apparent reason for Curtis to poison the baby was because he did not want to carry his newborn responsibility as her father.

In a separate incident, a Georgia woman faced charges of murdering her daughter’s sexual abuser last month. The woman was 42 years old Danyale Harris who had charges of murder, assault, and possession of a firearm.

It came when she found a video of her 12-year-old daughter involved in a sexual act with a 22-year-old boy. Danyale gathered several people with her at the residence of a boy for alleged sexual abuse of her daughter. Three of them had gunshots and shot a boy.

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