Dan Tehan backlash PM Anthony to cancel Australia Day Ceremony

Dan Tehan backlash PM Anthony

Dan Tehan backlash PM Anthony to cancel Australia Day Ceremony

Shadow Immigration Minister Dan Tehan backlash Australian Prime Minister (PM) Anthony Albanese for canceling the Australia Day citizenship ceremony. This ceremony takes place in Australia every Jan 26 and Sep 17.

More than 80 local councils of Australia have canceled the traditional Australia Day citizenship ceremony. The councils have canceled the ceremony in respect of indigenous Australians.

Instead, they want to honor the (specified) days to recognize the dispossession of indigenous Australians from their land. The dispossession of Indigenous Australians refers to the historical process by which their lands, cultures, and rights were taken away through British colonization.

However, Dan Tehan backlash PM Anthony to cancel the citizenship ceremony on Australia Day. He accused Anthony of allowing councils to cancel the Citizenship Day ceremony. He said PM Anthony is allowing councils to do all the dirty work for him.

Dan Tehan says that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese should show “leadership and spine” by restoring the Morrison-era policy. While that policy forced councils to hold Australia Citizenship Day.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has deprived the powers of councils to hold citizenship day ceremonies. He made it compulsory for them to hold ceremonies every Sep 17 and Jan 26.

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When Mr. Anthony Albanese took office and became Prime Minister in 2022, he abolished the policy of Scott Morrison forced the councils to hold citizenship ceremonies, and snatched their powers to hold ceremonies.

In this regard, Dan stated that Prime Minister Anthony understood what he was doing exactly. When he decided to allow councils to do this more than a year ago.

Dan went on to say that we warned him (Anthony) that this is exactly what would happen when he made this choice. But, it was a cowardly way for councils to do all dirty work and lay the foundation for him to either move or cancel Australia Day.

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