Society of the Snow review – Andes Plane Crash Thriller

Society of the Snow review

Society of the Snow review – Andes Plane Crash Thriller

Society of the Snow (2023) review – The Spanish director JA Bayona uses his action-directing talents for the well-known true story of the 1972 crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in the icy Andes mountains.

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in the Andes mountains on October 13, 1972. Many have told the story multiple times, and J.A. Bayona’s “Society of the Snow” is the latest attempt.

The facts of this story are pretty scary. The plane was cut in half by a rock, killing most of the people on board right away. However, after days of searching, rescuers saved the survivors. The survivors were desperate and hungry and turned to eating each other. Ashes and bad weather were a threat to them.

The rugby players are on their way on a plane to Chile for a game in the movie. The crash is shown terrifyingly, and Pedro Luque’s cinematography catches the beautiful but scary mountains.

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Meanwhile, the story revolves around the 72-day struggle that the survivors had to go through. They had to eat each other and experience cannibalism. In the end, two young rugby players went to get help and luckily led rescuers to the crash scene. Even though cannibalism is illegal, the story got a lot of attention because of it.

However, the stressful crash is only a small part of this story. It is about keeping going even though things get tough. A lot of the movie is about waiting and dealing with the tough moral questions that come up when you have to stay living.

Overall, the Society of the Snow review found it a thriller movie when it comes to the realistic, bone-chilling intensity of its plane crash scene and the snow that follows it.

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