Singer Cassie accuses Sean Combs of rape and abuse

Singer Cassie accuses Sean Combs

Singer Cassie accuses Sean Combs of rape and abuse

American songwriter and singer Cassie accuses American rapper Sean Combs of rape and abuse. Cassie also accused Seam of sex trafficking.

Cassie is the ex-girlfriend of Seam. She files a $30 million lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend accusing him of rape and sexual abuse. According to the lawsuit BBC obtained from her, she had been stuck in a cycle of abuse and violence for a decade.

Singer Cassie accuses Sean Combs of rape and abuse

What is the response of Sean Combs to her ex allegations?

However, Mr.Sean denies the accusations of her ex-girlfriend that he attempted to sexually exploit her. Sean’s lawyer called the charges “offensive and ridiculous”.

Ms. Cassie claims that rap singer Sean raped and beat her for ten years beginning when she was 19 years old and Sean was 37 years old. She said in a statement that after years of silence and darkness, she is finally ready to tell her story.

Her lawsuit contains several intense allegations of the severe assault she claims began after she met the rap artist in 2005. According to a lawsuit, Sean signed her to his record label “Bad Boy” and treated the vulnerable Cassie with drugs and alcohol forcing her to fall into risky addictions that controlled her life.

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The lawsuit states Sean was “a serial domestic abuser” who would regularly beat and kick Cassie leaving her with black eyes, bruises, and blood.

Cassie stated that she prepared herself to speak up on her behalf as well as for the benefit of other women. Those women who suffer violence and abuse in their relationship.

Cassie has a full name Cassandra Ventura who is 37 years old. Her husband is Alex Fine and shares a child with him. While rap singer Sean Love Combs has a stage name “Puff Daddy” and is 54 years old and single. He and Cassie began dating each other in 2005. And their relationship continued for more than a decade.

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