Pornstar Johnny Sins ad with Ranveer Singh became controversial

Pornstar Johnny Sins ad

Pornstar Johnny Sins ad with Ranveer Singh became controversial

A well-known pornstar, Johnny Sins, appeared in the Bold Care ad campaign with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh causing controversy among netizens. Ranveer and Johnny play the role of brothers in the ad campaign, which is a parody of an Indian daily soap opera to promote a men’s health brand.

Ranveer Singh promoted sexual wellness in a very desi and cheesy manner in the advertisement where Johnny Sins joined him. The commercial is an Indian daily soap opera parody portraying a shared family conflict.

The entire cast costumed in traditional outfits. Johnny wore a blue kurta with a golden jacket while Ranveer dressed in a maroon kurta with long hair.

Ranveer begins the advertisement by questioning his younger brother Johnny’s wife about her decision to leave their home. Following that, enormous drama develops among the family. Johnny’s wife eventually decides to stay due to a capsule that improves the sexual health of men.

Viewers on social media were stunned to see meet paths of Ranveer Singh with pornstar Johnny Sins in men’s sexual health promotion ad.

One netizen vented his anger on the Bollywood industry. He wrote Porn is banned in India. So, why is Pornstar Johnny Sins starring in an Indian commercial with the leading Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh?

Another netizen wrote Bro what in the world is Johnny Sins doing in Indian commercial with Ranveer Singh.

Another netizen wrote the world was prepared for the Deadpool 3 trailer. Johnny Sins with Ranveer Singh in an Indian commercial came out of the syllabus. He equated the Ranveer-Johnny crossover to Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the upcoming Hollywood superhero film Deadpool 3.

Apart from Indian netizens, renowned Indian actress Reshami Desai has criticized the controversial ad for men’s sexual health. She stated that this advertisement felt like an insult to the entire television industry and the people who work in it.

Pornstar Johnny Sins ad

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Reshami also claimed that the ad feels like a slap. She said she started her work in the regional film industry and then in the television industry. People call it a small screen where average people watch the news, cricket, Bollywood films, and much more. She found this ad highly unexpected.

According to Reshami, everyone is working hard, but she is sorry TV show don’t portrays it. This all happens on big screens. There is nothing wrong with showing some reality, but this is a reality check for the TV industry.

Furthermore, she said maybe she overreacts, but they show culture and love to their audience. So, she feels hurt because she has a respectful journey in the TV industry. In the end, she wrote, hopefully, you will all understand the emotion.

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