Khanzaadi won hearts trending on Twitter after elimination news

Khanzaadi won hearts trending on Twitter

Khanzaadi won hearts trending on Twitter after elimination news

Khanzaadi won hearts trending on X (formerly Twitter) after the news of her elimination from BiggBoss season 17. There are reports that she will be evicted in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan.

The original name of Khanzaadi is Firoza Khan but is famous as Khanzaadi. According to the latest social media buzz, the reactions of fans are pouring in following the news of Khanzaadi’s elimination.

Her elimination news comes as a shock to her fans because BiggBoss contestants Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt were in the bottom two based on the audience’s voting. The fans of Khanzaadi running the hashtag Khanzaadi won hearts which is trending on Twitter X.

One X user tweeted that BiggBoss 17 eliminated Khanzaadi who got more votes than Neil Bhatt. The makers introduced the Buzzer Task. Had she got lease votes? The audience would have eliminated her.

He mentioned Colors TV writing why create this fake drama of voting lines when you decide who eliminates. BiggBoss show is presented on Colors TV.

Another user wrote Colors TV was always against AbhiZaadi because they wanna portray the forced triangle of Isha Chintu Abhishek which he has no interest in anyway. So the makers are successful in eliminating Khanzaadi.

One fan of Khanzaadi described her as a boss lady of the BiggBoss 17 season. She earns the Khanzaadi tag.

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According to reports, the elimination of Khanzaadi may be the last elimination from Salman Khan’s BiggBoss 17 season. This elimination comes as a shock to fans because of Khanzaadi’s involvement in arguments.

As well as Indian audiences and BiggBoss fans liked the ongoing romantic relationship and storyline with Abhishek Kumar inside the house.

Khanzaadi is a 27-year-old Indian singer, rapper, and musician. She is popular among Indian audiences for her rap songs and melodious tunes. Her big hits include “Aazma Le”, “Ziddi”, and “Begum”.

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