Bigg Boss contestants gave a red card to Pradeep Antony

Bigg Boss contestants gave a red card to Pradeep Antony

Bigg Boss contestants gave a red card to Pradeep Antony

Bigg Boss contestants gave a red card to Pradeep Antony. The ongoing seventh season of Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the most interesting seasons yet. Kamal Hassan is hosting this season.

After the show began with 18 contestants, five players dropped out. Last week, however, Bigg Boss introduced five wild card entries. One of those wild card entries, Anna Bharathi, is said to be eliminated this week.

The latest breaking news is that another contestant will eliminate this week, marking Bigg Boss 7’s second red card elimination. Previously, Vijay Varma received a red card. And dismissed from the game after attacking Pradeep Antony during a task. According to reports, Pradeep has received a red card from Bigg Boss contestants and has been eliminated from the game.

Why did Bigg Boss contestants give a red card to Pradeep?

The Star Vijay channel recently released a promo in which housemates are complaining about Pradeep to Kamal Hassan. Jovika accuses Pradeep of using bad language with the wrong intention. While Poornima claims Pradeep makes others feel frightened. Nixen claims that Pradeep has no regrets about speaking harshly to others.

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Furthermore, Raveena claims that Pradeep has made insulting remarks about her. Vishnu claims that Pradeep has threatened to use bad language against him.

Last but not least, Manichandra confesses that Pradeep was using the restroom without closing the door which Pradeep immediately admitted.

The elimination of Paradeep is almost certain to happen tomorrow after receiving a red card for allegedly breaking a house rule. However, this news has come as a shock not only for the public but for the contestants too. According to reports, Cool Suresh burst into tears and begged Bigg Boss not to eliminate Pradeep Antony.

Pradeep Antony is a rising star in the Tamil film industry. He gained popularity as Kavin’s friend in Bigg Boss season 3 where he gave iconic slap to his friend.

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