Isha Malviya bullied Abhishek Kumar outraged netizens

Isha Malviya bullied Abhishek Kumar

Isha Malviya bullied Abhishek Kumar outraged netizens

BiggBoss 17 contestants Isha Malviya and Samarath Jurel bullied Abhishek Kumar which has made netizens furious. The controversy from the reality show BiggBoss spread across the netizens.

It all started when the controversial Tuesday episode of BiggBoss 17 aired and the public witnessed an ugly fight between Isha, Samarath, and Abhishek. Both Isha and Samarath have been at war with Abhishek since the beginning of the show.

In the last night episode, a fight broke out between the duo and Abhishek during the nomination task which left Abhishek crying. During the fight, Isha Malviya bullied Abhishek Kumar while Samarath teased him and touched his cheek. Even Abhishek slapped Samarath (popular as Chintu) in a retaliatory response.

BiggBoss 17 participant and Indian actress Ashwariya Sharma supported Abhishek via Twitter X. She wrote Isha and Chintu are playing the dirtiest game ever. How much can they poke a person like this and yet nobody is saying anything about it. Only Abhishek is getting bashed for everything. This is such a ridiculous pattern of them. Furthermore, she requested BiggBoss to take some action.

Ex-contestant of BiggBoss Rajiv Adatia demanded Bigg Boss call Isha out on her behavior. He writes this is not acceptable. Everyone is held accountable for their faults and she should be no exception. Mental health is not a laughing matter. I don’t want to hear “Oh she’s 19”. Because she’s an adult who must take responsibility for her choices.

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The majority of BiggBoss fans support Abhishek Kumar and bash Samarath for destroying the mental health of Abhishek. They are demanding BiggBoss to throw both of them out of the show.

However, the surprising thing is many BiggBoss housemates accuse Abhishek of poking them. While Abhishek accuses duo Isha-Samarath of poking him. According to Abhishek, they force him to reach the ugly level.

Isha Malviya is a 20-year-old Indian actress and model while Samarath Jurel is a Indian actor and current boyfriend of Isha. On the other hand, Abhishek Kumar is also an Indian actor and model. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Isha.

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