Film Kill (2024) review: Indian action thriller with violent train robbers

Film Kill (2024) review

Film Kill (2024) review: Indian action thriller with violent train robbers

This article provides a complete review of the Indian action thriller film “Kill (2024), which hit cinemas on July 4, 2024. As the movie name indicates, you may guess there is instant violence because the movie consists entirely of a series of scenes pouring with blood.

The bloodshed in this movie has gone to an extent that has never been witnessed in Hindi cinema. This is an uncontrolled, savage pro-max movie, that goes for the murders and nowhere else. It sticks to violent norms of slashing, hitting, crashing, and repeating from beginning to end.

Kill is a one-line plot that involves two commandos against a group of robbers who hijack a train traveling from Ranchi to Delhi. It is a cover story to come up with inventive ways to murder a man and woman.

Movie fans will relate to this film as if they have been watching South Korean films like “Train to Busan” and “Snowpiercer.” Even though the death toll rises to a maximum in Kill, romance still becomes a story focus.

Young lovers steal moments in the film despite being an ultraviolent action movie. Kill portrays the character of good guys as patriotic Army Commandos. However, bad guys are robbers in action on the train.

A commando named Amrit (Lakshya) develops feelings for Tulika (Tanya Maniktala). It happens when Tulika travels by train with her father Thakur Baldev Singh (Harsh Chhaya) and her young sister Adrija Sinha.

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Meanwhile, another commando is Viresh (Abishek Chauhan). He is proficient in weaponry and single-handed fighting. He plays the role of the hero’s (Amrit) best friend. It gives a glimpse of a classic Bollywood narrative.

However, a father-and-son team led the gang of robbers on the train. Fani (Raghav Juyul) plays the father role, and Beni (Asish Vidhyarthi) is his son. They are involved in senseless crime while traveling on a train and commit massive murders.

Hence, dead bodies start piling up in horrifying ways. In short, the review of Film Kill (2024) comes with intense bloodshed, killing, and pointless violence. Hence, sensitive people should avoid watching it compared to action-violent movie lovers.

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