Award-winning screenwriter Robert Towne died at 89

Award-winning screenwriter Robert Towne died

Award-winning screenwriter Robert Towne died at 89

Award-winning director Robert Towne, famous screenwriter of the film “Chinatown,” died at 89 in Los Angeles. Chinatown is considered one of the best scripts ever in history.

The publicist of Robert Towne, Carri McClure, confirmed the news of his death. Carri revealed that Robert Towne died on July 1, 2024, at his home surrounded by his family.

His death ended an era of his more than six decades career that left a long-lasting impact on American cinema. He was nominated three times for three films, including Shampoo, Greystoke, and The Last Detail.

Robert Towne died a 89

He also won an Academy Award (Oscar) for being the screenwriter of the film Chinatown. Moreover, the Writers Guild of America gave him a lifelong achievement in 1997.

After a lengthy tenure working on low-budget films for B-movie and television shows like The Man from UNCLE and The Lloyd Bridges Show, he finally found success.

But his breakthrough came when his therapist put him in touch with another patient, Warren Beatty. Warren was working on the Bonnie and Clyde movie (1967), at that time.

He brought Robert to help him, make changes to this film script written by Robert Benton and David Newman. Robert Towne also remained on the Texas set where this movie shooting happened.

Robert Towne won an Oscar for Chinatown (1974)

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He worked on the famous crime movie Bonnie and Clyde, which came out in 1967. However, he did not receive credit for it. Then, he worked on several films like The Godfather and Heaven Can Wait for years.

He didn’t receive credit for these movies until his films “The Last Detail (1973),” Chinatown (1974), and “Shampoo (1975)” hit the cinemas. They rose him to high skies of fame and appeared to be a breakthrough in his career.

The long-struggling and incredible acting journey of Robert has come to an end with his death. However, the publicist of award-winning screenwriter Robert Towne declined to reveal the reason for how he died.

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