Actress Mahira Khan responds to crowd misbehavior at Quetta

Actress Mahira Khan responds to crowd misbehavior

Actress Mahira Khan responds to crowd misbehavior at Quetta

Famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan responds to crowd misbehavior at Pakistan Literature Festival in Quetta. This condemnable incident happened on May 15, 2024, at the Literature Festival, where event organizers invited her as a chief guest.

The May 15 event was a cultural and educational center, encouraging thought-provoking discussion between the celebrity and her audience to promote harmony in Pakistani society. But it took an unexpected turn when an audience member threw an unidentified object at Mahira.

 Mahira was discussing her career and professionalism when someone threw an object at the actress to hit her. Fortunately, it did not hit her. She quickly stopped talking in amazement and expressed her displeasure with the disrespect. 

The actress remarked she couldn’t do any dialogue because you threw something at me. It means there is no room for dialogue. Afterward, she resumed her discussion with confidence and grace. She expressed strong support for a movie that would represent the vibrant cultures of Quetta and Balochistan.

Meanwhile, actress Mahira Khan responds to crowd misbehavior at the festival event on her Instagram account. She shared a video of a relevant incident while writing the incident at yesterday’s event was inappropriate. Nobody should believe that throwing something on stage is fine.

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She also expressed concern in her caption that sometimes she gets afraid not just for herself, but also for other people who might be caught in a mob-like situation. 

Regardless of an unpleasant event, Mahira also encouraged people to create and attend events like these in the future. She urged the need for more occasions like this in more Pakistani cities. Because these events make us more conscious and knowledgeable the more we are exposed to.  

However, her fan’s responses to the incident’s video showed different emotions. Some expressed deep concerns for the celebrity’s safety, while several fans praised the actress for remaining calm and composed during the disturbing event. 

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