Javed Iqbal: A Pakistani Serial Killer who killed 100 children

Javed Iqbal: A Pakistani Serial Killer who killed 100 children

Javed Iqbal: A Pakistani Serial Killer who killed 100 children

This is the terrible and disturbing story of a Pakistani Serial Killer Javed Iqbal who killed 100 young and innocent children. Javed Iqbal Mughal, a terrifying name, was a Pakistani serial killer and pervert who shook the country with his horrible crimes.

During his reign of terror, he confessed to sexually abusing and murdering a hundred young boys leaving a path of misery and horror that left countless families heartbroken. This tale dives into the troubling life and misdeeds of Javed Iqbal Mughal, a man whose actions live on in criminal history.

A disturbing tale of a Pakistani Serial Killer Javed Iqbal

Childhood and Early Life of Javed Iqbal

Javed Iqbal was born in 1961 in Lahore. He was the sixth child of eight children in the family. His father was a successful businessman. He had some serious temper issues since his early childhood. He usually used to attack children physically and even killed several animals.

Javed attended Government Islamia College in Lahore and started a steel restructuring business settled by his father when he was a student.

The life of Javed appeared normal as he lived in a home owned by his father in Shadbagh, Lahore. Nobody knew that he was hiding the horrible darkness that existed within him.

Early life of Javed Iqbal | Source: Truly Criminal

The Confession Letter of Murders

When a letter was revealed in December 1999 from Javed Iqbal himself where he confessed to the rape and murder of hundred young boys aged 6 to 18, the Pakistani nation was shocked.

The victims were largely escaping home and orphans living on the streets of Lahore. The innocent victims were defenseless against the evil intentions of the predator in the disguise of Javed. In the letter, he says:

With the grace of God I have accomplished my mission and my murder count has reached hundred. Tears roll down my cheeks. I will make sure my mission and message reaches the world. I am going to make many mothers weep and send their sons to next world without coffins through the gutter.

Javed Iqbal words in the letter
The Confession Letter of Javed Iqbal | Source: Truly Criminal

The Police Investigation and Horrible Discoveries

The police and media reacted quickly to the terrible confession of Javed and reached his residence. He himself wrote his residential address in a confession letter. Within his residence at Ravi 16-B, they discovered terrifying evidence of his horrible deeds.

They found splashed blood on the walls and floor. Javed left images of the victims covered in plastic bags meticulously labeled with handwritten notes about the identity of murdered children.

Javed left an exclusive message note indicating that he had not disposed of the bodies of dead children intentionally for the purpose in order for authorities finding them.

Police Investigation and House Footages | Source: Truly Criminal

The level of planning and brutality revealed in his acts traumatized the nation. Authorities found the chain that Javed used to strangle the victims. The two jars of partially decayed acid-containing human remains left out in the open were even more disturbing.

Javed Iqbal House: Acid Drum

The Horrific Massacre: Unveiling the Dark Motives Behind the Massacre

Javed Iqbal stated that his motivation for committing these heinous murders came from a sense of unfairness. He held a grudge against the Lahore police. He claimed they had wrongfully detained him on sexual assault charges against a young escaped child in the 1990s. Despite the fact, there were no charges brought against him for this specific conduct. It appeared to fuel his drive for vengeance.

The Reason for Massacres | Source: Truly Criminal

The evil logic of Javed specified that a hundred mothers suffer through the same agony and loss. That his mother went through prior to her death.

His own mother had observed his deterioration. So, he intended to inflict the same pain on others leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

“I want 100 mothers to cry” | Source: Truly Criminal

Judicial Trial and The Controversial Verdict

Javed surrendered to the Pakistan media news agency Daily Jang headquarters on Dec 29, 1999, after escaping capture for a month. He was afraid for his life and believed the police would kill him.

He said “I killed a hundred children. I would have killed five hundred children. That was not the problem. But the pledge I have taken is a hundred.”

Surrender of Javed Iqbal | Source: Truly Criminal

During his trial, Lahore High Court sentenced him to death by strangling followed by his body being split into hundred pieces and dissolved in acid, one piece for each victim.

The horrible verdict for Javed Iqbal

According to the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Moinuddin Haider, such punishments are not allowed under the Islamic law of the country regarding human rights. He said the punishment violates Islamic teachings that forbid the disrespect of a body.

Controversial Verdict for Javed Iqbal | Source: Truly Criminal

The Death of Javed Iqbal

Despite the terrible confession and conviction of Javed, justice was never delivered fully. Jail authorities found Javed Iqbal and his partner, Sajid Ahmad dead in their respective cells at Kot Lakhpat Jail on October 9, 2001. Despite evidence that they were murdered, their deaths were considered to be suicides.

The darkness that consumed Javed’s life seemed to follow him even after his death as his body remains remained unclaimed. His family disowned him and didn’t accept his dead body. They said the day Javed confessed his crimes, he died to them.

The Death of Javed Iqbal | Source: Truly Criminal

The End: Conclusions and Preserving Innocence

The horrific and heartbreaking story of Javed Iqbal Mughal serves as a clear sign of the depths of human depravity. His acts shocked Pakistan to its core. It created scars for the families of his innocent victims that may never fully heal.

This terrible legacy of a serial killer serves as an important reminder about the consequences of unrestricted evil hiding within society.

May the commemoration of the young lives lost at the hands of Javed Iqbal serve as a call to awareness and protection of the vulnerable among us.

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