Pakistani fans Stopped from chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in India

Pakistani fans Stopped from chanting 'Pakistan Zindabad' in India

Pakistani fans Stopped from chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in India

A video is circulating on social media where the Pakistani fans stopped from chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in India at the Narendra Modi Stadium during the match between Pakistan and Australia.

In the video, one of the security team comes to a Pakistani and ask “not to chant Pakistan Zindabad” here at the stadium. “Why can I not chant Pakistan Zindabad?” asks the Pakistani fan. In response, the security team replies “You can chant ‘Bharat Mata Zindabad’ but you cannot chant Pakistan Zindabad”.

The Pakistani fan was quite astonished by the behavior of the security member. And he said, “I came from Pakistan, what would I chant other than Pakistan Zindabad?”.

Full video of the officer stopping from chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’

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While the Pakistani fan continued to question, the security member remained unresponsive, emphasizing that chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ is not permitted.

Later on, the fan turned on their camera and asked, ‘Is chanting Pakistan Zindabad not allowed?’ The security member, upon seeing the camera, left without addressing the question.

Mixed Reactions: Support and Criticism Surrounding the Security Officer’s Actions

Pakistani Cricket Fans are disappointed by the behavior of the Indian Security Officer. One of the famous media influencers “Momin Saqib” shows his disappointment on Twitter.

On the contrary, some Indians on Twitter urge Pakistan to cease funding terrorism in India, asserting that terrorism and cricket can’t coexist. They commend the police for their actions.

There are many Indians who support the actions of the officer but there are some Indians who do not commend the act. And they emphasize that every person has the right to support his own country’s team. One of the famous news cricket reporters Vikrant Gupta replies to Momin’s tweet and says:

The act of the officer is quite disappointing for Pakistani cricket fans. All the Pakistani Cricket fans are demanding ICC, BCCI, and PCB to take action against such behavior. Since the start of the World Cup Pakistanis have also experienced VISA issues with Indian Authorities.

As for now, there are not any official statements by the ICC, BCCI, and PCB on the incident of Pakistani fans stopped from chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in India by the Indian Officer.

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