Jaylen Wells 4-point play helped Washington State win

Jaylen Wells 4-point play

Jaylen Wells 4-point play helped Washington State win

American basketball player Jaylen Wells made a 4-point play in the final minute to help Washington State win against Arizona. A 4-point play in basketball occurs when a player makes a three-point shot while being fouled and still makes the shot. They then get either 2 or 3 points for the basket with an extra free throw. If they make that free throw, it becomes a 4-point play.

Jaylen Wells scored 27 points with his 4-point play in the last round of the match, which helped No.1 Washington State win No. 4 Arizona by 77-74 points. It is a consecutive eighth victory for Washington State.

Jaylen Wells 4-point play

Jaylen Wells made one of the biggest shots in recent Washington State history and led the team to an exciting road victory. He remarked this was big. There were several occasions when they could have given up. But they remained composed and fought back.

Furthermore, Jaylen said he believed it was a significant victory for them because people thought they were the underdog. First, people used to say oh, you (Washington State) have got to play Arizona. No, they (Arizona) need to play them (Washington).

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The match between Washington State and Arizona was close the entire night. Neither team was leading by more than seven points. However, the last minute of the match was thrilling with the 4-point play of Jaylen Wells.

Arizona suffered its first home loss of the season after winning 13 consecutive games. They had a chance to win, but Love Caleb received a warning after he slipped and fell on a drive to the basket. Jaylen made two free throws that gave his team a 77-74 lead within 2.7 seconds and sealed the deal.

Washington State won their first game in the AP Top 25 since the 2007-2008 season. AP refers to Associated Press, an independent organization that releases weekly rankings of the top 25 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) players, including basketball players.

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