UK man sued Apple after his wife found his cheating messages on iMac

UK man sued Apple

UK man sued Apple after his wife found his cheating messages on iMac

A UK-based man sued Apple for £5 million after his wife found his cheating messages synced to iMac and divorced him. iMac is the primary desktop computer of Apple, while iMessage refers to a free and secure messaging app used to exchange messages on Apple.

This incident unveiled an interesting story of a British couple. According to this story, a man was using iMessage to approach prostitutes. Later, he deleted his messages from his iPhone to cover his tracks.

UK man caught red-handed by his wife for approaching prostitutes through iMessage

However, as everyone who owns several Apple devices is aware, if your iPad, Mac, and phone are all logged in with the same Apple ID, you can synchronize your messages between those devices.

Regarding the story, the man’s wife found his messages on the iMac, which did not vanish despite the man deleted them. Following his cheating messages, his wife divorced him.

The affected UK man lost more than £5 million due to divorce filing, so he sued Apple to compensate him. He blamed Apple for his divorce.

The man claimed in his lawsuit that iMessage fails to indicate that removing a message from an iPhone does not remove it from other devices. He revealed that his wife found out brutally.

The wife of the affected man found his deleted cheating messages on iMac

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UK man wonders if they could have continued their marriage if he had been able to have a reasonable conversation. So, his wife had not come to such a harsh realization.

He also wants to start a class-action lawsuit to hold other males accountable for their lack of introspection and phone illiteracy. A class-action lawsuit is a legal case where people with similar complaints come together to sue the accused as a collective group.

However, the media approached tech giant Apple to comment on this lawsuit. But, it did not respond. The relevant UK man avoided revealing his identity.

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