The Mysterious eye-shaped El Ojo Island rotating in Argentina

The Mysterious eye-shaped El Ojo Island

The Mysterious eye-shaped El Ojo Island rotating in Argentina

The Mysterious eye-shaped El Ojo Island known as “The Eye” spots rotating between Buenos Aires and Campana in Argentina. It is a small and strange island in the Parana River Delta of Argentina.

The Eye” is a thin strip of land that forms a perfect circle of 120 meters. It is a circular shape that spins inside itself. It floats amid the pure and frozen waters of a pool that is unique to the region.

The Mysterious eye-shaped El Ojo Island

The unique phenomenon is simply perfect to the point where it almost appears to be a trick. The Mysterious eye-shaped El Ojo Island rotates continuously around its axis.

However, Scientists relate this specific movement to the presence of massive natural wells. These wells create streams of wells capable of rotating the entire island.

The rotating eye appears to collide with the surrounding dirt and provides the necessary force resulting in detachment and erosion of the muddy section. However, some argue that the rotation is not a natural occurrence but rather a supernatural one tied to alien life.

Supporters of the theory that aliens built “The Eye” argue that the island’s round shape is too flawless to have formed naturally. Alien enthusiasts further point out that the water surrounding the island is severely cold and clear. These conditions are highly uncommon in a delta environment setting.

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An Argentine director, Sergio Neuspiller, discovered “The Eye” while looking for a location to shoot a paranormal film. The location initially presented the ideal scene but when Sergio went to assess it.

He found that the island had relocated. Hence, he opted to dive deeper, which left the film in favor of a scientific discovery.

However, the unique phenomenon of the rotatory eye can be seen in Google Earth satellite photographs collected at various periods by entering “El Ojo” at coordinated 34 ° 15’07.8 S 58 ° 49’47.4 W.

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