Pentax 17 Film Camera released with stylish and elegant appearance

Pentax 17 Film Camera

Pentax 17 Film Camera released with stylish and elegant appearance

Pentax 17 Film Camera released with a compact size and elegant style for shooting smaller pictures for fun. It also makes film photography less costly compared to other film cameras.

Pentax 17 is a half-frame 35mm film camera to capture half-size images perfectly. It captures two pictures, each measuring 36×24mm on a single frame of 35mm. Cut the width in half and subtract one mm. It gives you 36/2-1=17mm. That is why it is named Pentax 17.

Pentax 17 Camera

Hence, every picture shot with a Pentax 17 film camera is approximately 17×24mm on the negative strip. The positive strip refers to the normal image, while the negative strip refers to an inverted image.

Pentax 17 Camera features and price

Weigh300g (including battery and film)
Lens focal length25mm
Lens typeHD PENTAX lens, 3 elements in 3 groups
Frame typeAlbada bright-frame viewfinder
Battery TypeOne 3V lithium battery(CR2)
Temperature0℃ to 40℃
Humidity85% or less

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Pentax 17 Camera has been manufactured to fit perfectly in half-size format. It also comes with a high-quality multi-layer coating called HD (High Definition) to improve the sharpness and clarity of half-size images.

The angle of view and focal length of Pentax 17 were chosen based on the lens used in RICOH Auto Half (introduced in 1962). Hence, It provides causal, easy, and perfect daily photographing.

Pentax 17 has a special system for focusing on subjects. It has six different focus zones that cover various distances, from close-ups to large distances. These zones are 0.25m, 0.5m, 1.2m, 1.7m, 3m, ∞. To focus, you only need to turn a ring on the camera to the zone that matches how far your subject is.

For example, if you want to take a close-up picture of something about 25 centimeters away, you will turn the ring to a 0.25m zone.

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