Mystery of Dark year 536 A.D. when Sun disappeared for 18 months

Mystery of Dark year 536 A.D

Mystery of Dark year 536 A.D. when Sun disappeared for 18 months

This article explores a historical event regarding the mystery of the dark year 536 A.D. when the sun disappeared for 18 months. It left the world in unimaginable darkness for more than a year.

In the history books, the mystery of the dark year 536 A.D. stands out as a time when most of the world went dark physically and visibly. During this time, the skies started to appear dark in an odd way that would last for about 18 months.

Scientists and historians have been interested in the reason and consequences of this event for hundreds of years. They considered a series of volcanic eruptions the main cause of this global event. It released a lot of ash and sulfur dioxide into the air when the Illopango volcano in El Salvador erupted.

Meanwhile, some other volcanoes in Iceland also released massive ash and toxic gas. This piece of rock from a massive volcanic eruption blocked the sun’s rays from reaching Earth. It threw a dark shadow over the Earth and lowered the temperatures.

There were several deep and a major impact of the dark year. Many crops failed because of the rapid drop in temperature, which caused food shortages and famine in many areas.

Mystery of Dark year 536 A.D.

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The resulting social and economic chaos made politics less stable and led to the end of civilizations. As a result, people in most places of the world were dying off because it was so hard for them to live in those harsh conditions.

The most devastating conditions affected people at large scale in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It is impossible to estimate the psychological effects of living in constant darkness. The sun, which used to be a sign of life and health, turned into a source of fear and doubt.

Even though hundreds of years have passed, the dark 536 A.D. year still fascinates scientists and common people. However, the dark year was an alarming reminder of how connected our world is and how fragile life is when natural forces are at work that we can’t control.

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