Japanese Scientists reveal why women live longer than men

Japanese Scientists reveal why women live longer than men

Japanese scientists reveal why women live longer than men, which we commonly observe worldwide in their latest research. They relate it to the differences in the reproduction system of women and men.

According to this research, sperm (in males) and eggs (in females) are essential to human reproduction. Sperms are the smallest cells, while eggs are the largest cells in the body. Hence, the long-standing question of why women live longer than men may come down to these reproductive cell sizes.

Women live longer than men due to their reproductive system cells

Japanese scientists have shown for the first time in mammals that cells that turn into eggs in females and sperm in males cause the difference in their lifetime. However, they believe similar biological processes may create different lifetime durations in humans and other species, including animals.

They also conducted experiments on small, turquoise killifish, a freshwater species that reaches sexual maturity in only two weeks and lives for only a few months.

Senior author of Osaka University, Prof. Tohru Ishitani, said he does not think humans are necessarily more complicated as the aging process in killifish, similar to that in humans. He believed this research would provide a basis for understanding how humans’ aging process works.

Apart from killifish, scientists observe the same aging process in female monkeys and apes who live longer than males. Hence, Japanese scientists reveal the long-existing mystery of why women live longer than men lies in their reproductive system.

Japanese Scientists reveal why women live longer
Reproductive cell sizes are small in males while large in females

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Women typically outlive males by 5% across the world. Some people relate this long lifetime of women to their healthier lifestyles than men. They also find short lifetimes in men due to their deaths in accidents or suicide compared to women.

However, human life expectancy differs significantly amongst nations in terms of size. The life expectancy is 82.6 years for women and 78.6 years for men in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, men usually pass away around 13 years before women in Russia. The early death of Russian men before women might be due to increased smoking and alcohol consumption, which comes with an unhealthy lifestyle mentioned earlier.

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