Explosions make diamond fountains from the earth’s depths

Explosions make diamond fountains

Explosions make diamond fountains from the earth’s depths

After years of speculation, scientists have finally identified how explosions make diamond fountains from Earth’s crust. Recent research shows how diamonds form on the Earth’s surface.

Professor Thomas Gernon at the University of Southampton led this research, According to a study, “fountains of diamonds” may push to the surface of the Earth during big geological events, like when supercontinents break apart. Diamond eruptions are a part of the process. These can move quickly and cause big explosions on the surface.

Diamonds form deep beneath the Earth’s surface, approximately 150 kilometers down. Diamond eruptions play a crucial role in bringing these diamonds to the surface.

The research shows that these eruptions typically occur around 22 million to 30 million years after the initiation of plate separation, which leads to the breaking up of supercontinents.

Explosions make diamond fountains

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As plates pull apart, rocks from the upper mantle and lower crust mix and flow against each other, causing instability. This instability eventually triggers diamond eruptions and brings diamonds to the surface. The researchers believe that understanding this process could help in the search for untapped diamond deposits.

The eruption has water, rock, carbon dioxide, and many significant kimberlite materials, such as diamonds. It comes to the surface in a “fountain of diamonds” and can go as fast as 83 miles per hour.

According to Thomas, diamonds have been situated at the base of continents for hundreds of millions or even billions of years. However, some external forces trigger the eruptions that cause the diamond to move to the surface, resulting in explosive events.

This research sheds light on the dynamic processes occurring deep within the Earth and contributes to our understanding of how geological events can lead to the formation of diamond deposits and how explosions make diamond fountains from the crust.

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