Adobe is using AI to break apart messy voice

Adobe is using AI to break apart messy voice

Adobe is using AI to break apart messy voice

American multinational software company Adobe is working on using a new AI audio tool to break apart messy voices. Adobe is developing a new audio tool that will separate different layers of sound within a single recording.

This tool is named Project Sound Lift and it uses artificial intelligence to isolate elements such as applause from the sound of someone’s voice. Adobe’s AI-powered Project Sound Lift can separate background noise from the sound of a person’s voice.

You can use the Project Sound Lift tool by loading an audio file into the application Adobe, and then selecting which sound you want the tool to filter out. There are other alternatives available such as clapping, laughter, alarms, speaking, crowds, traffic, typing, and more.

Project Sound Lift recognizes each sound automatically and generates separate files containing the background noise. And the recording you wish to prioritise such as someone’s voice or the sound of an instrument.

Adobe is using AI to break apart messy voice

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Then, in Adobe Premiere Pro, import and edit each file separately which will allow you to adjust the loudness of background noise while improving the clarity of the primary track.

But it’s still early as Adobe’s Project Sound Lift is being branded as one of Adobe’s “Sneak” previews. It means we will have to wait a little longer for a complete version of the tool to be released.

Other programs with similar characteristics such as Super Tone’s Clear and Goyo’s Voice Separator are available. But they only allow you to divide and edit the file’s ambiance, voice, and voice reverb. Project Sound Lift, on the other hand, is designed to detect specific sounds.

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