A female skydiver survived 14500 feet fall with the help of ant bites

A female skydiver survived 14500 feet fall

A female skydiver survived 14500 feet fall with the help of ant bites

A female skydiver, Joan Murray, survived a 14500 feet fall shocking skydiving with the help of 200 red ants bites. Joan had a great interest in adventure sports and was an experienced skydiver. Her desire drove her to take the risk and excitement of jumping from heights.

She was all set to undertake her 36th successful dive in 1999. Earlier, she had completed 35 dives successfully. However, she performed the dive while experimenting with modern technology this time.

She had no idea it would be an unforgettable event. The first few seconds after she jumped off the plane near South Carolina felt normal. She was free-falling. Tragedy came as soon as she pulled her parachute clip. It did not open.

Joan knew that if she did not open the parachute, she would fall from 14,500 feet with no chance of survival as she was still 700 feet above the ground. However, she maintained her nerve and sought to open her spare parachute, which did open. Unfortunately, there was little time left when her parachute became stuck before falling into the ground.

This would be the end of the story under normal circumstances, but not for Joan. As soon as she fell, she felt a stinging pain in her body. It reminded her that she was still alive. She realized that the thing that broke on her was a nest of red ants.

A female skydiver survived 14500 feet fall

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The ants seemed outraged by such an unwanted intrusion into their habitat. They quickly turned to bite Joan aggressively. The red ants brutally attacked Joan Murray in fleets. It was pitiable but also a blessing in disguise. Because it was the ants that saved Joan Murray’s life.

When the medical team arrived at the place of the accident, they provided aid to Joan and claimed she survived due to red ant bites. Surprisingly, a female skydiver, Joan Murray, survived an impossible 14500 feet fall due to ant bites.

The medical personnel explained that the continual toxic stings of the red ants continued to release adrenaline, which helped the heartbeat of Joan to continue.

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