2FA Security code leaks hit millions of Google & Facebook users

2FA Security code leaks

2FA Security code leaks hit millions of Google & Facebook users

In a disturbing occurrence, millions of Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, and TikTok users were hit by 2FA security code leaks. The hacked accounts of millions of social media app users were due to the release of an unsecured database containing private two-factor authentication (2FA Security Codes).

Tech experts are rating this incident of 2FA Security code leaks as a total data breach. The problem came from YX International, an Asia-based technology business that processes SMS text messages and manufactures cellular networking equipment.

YX International claims to process up to five million SMS texts every day. The corporation made all the data available to the public with no password to protect it.

A cybersecurity researcher spotted a database using only its IP address and a normal web browser. YX International secured the database shortly after getting an alert about the problem. However, it is unclear, whether the database’s information has already been exploited.

The database contained data such as 2FA codes and password reset links. The incident emphasizes the necessity of effective practices for securing and processing two-factor authentication.

It also encourages newer security methods usage, including authentication apps, passcodes, and physical keys. The risk is significant with the increasing number of businesses attempting to migrate their servers to the cloud without proper protection and authentication methods.

2FA Security code leaks

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Global cybersecurity expert, Jake Moore said one-time passwords via SMS are far safer than relying on a password alone. However, when threats become multi-layered, accounts need the strongest multi-layer protection to stay secure.

According to Jake passkeys, authenticator software, and physical security keys provide even more secure protection. So, setting up security is now easier than ever. Anyone left depending on passwords alone or using SMS 2FA codes might want to reconsider their original choice.

However, users don’t need to worry too much about 2FA codes in the incorrectly set up and exposed database. However, it is still important to learn from this.

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